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The payment is by bank transfer.

We recommend to read the event rules about booking and cancellations.



Classes are in English with translation to Spanish.

Level 1

You are learning WCS less than a year. You know the basic patterns and few variations, usually you go to practice to the parties in your hometown. And now you want more.


Level 2

You are dancing WCS less than two years. You dream of push, tuck, whip and anchor step. You almost don´t miss any local social dance and you were already on an international event. You would perhaps sign up for a Newcomer J&J competition.


Level 3

You have been learning for more than two years, WCS is already part of your life and you travel mainly to local events. You have already traveled to other European event to learn more. Most probably you compete in Novice division.


Level 4

You are one of those addicted people who cannot live without WCS and travel with frequency in Europe to learn more. If you compete, you already have WSDC points in Novice or Intermediate category. If you do not compete, you have a very similar level.



Simple Pass

Individual registration of one person.


Friends Pass

Registration of a group of 6 people, 3 leaders and 3 followers of any level. All group members must register separately. Choose a group name and all group members must indicate the name of the group when registering to take advantage of the discount. Only the first 3 leaders and the first 3 followers using the name of the group will be accepted. The registration will be confirmed for all 6 of you when the last person is registered and the current price valid on this date will be applied for all the members of the group. Free pass holders cannot be part of a group.

Group Contest! The group of friends with the most creative name (in Spanish or English) will receive a prize. Let the fun begin!


International Pass

All attendees with residence outside of Spain.


Advanced / All Star Pass

Access with Advance or All Star level WSDC points only. 1 masterclass is included with Thibault Ramirez.