Parties and Competitions



We propose two nights of social dancing and a Pool Party with the best music of West Coast Swing by DJ Ema.


  • Friday – My Style

Wear anything what you like and dance all you can.

  • Saturday – Neon Party

Open the wardrobe and search those summer clothes with intense colors. Come to dance on Saturday in the most vibrant colors you might have.

  • Sunday – Pool Party

We will dance open air, next to the pool. Or inside the pool. Wear your swimsuit or something comfortable and enjoy!

The theme nights are not obligatory of course, but why not to participate!


Competition “Don Jack & Doña Jill”

Saturday we will have a free Jack & Jill competition for some really exciting prizes.

Sign up and take home a good memory.


  • Newcomer – You dance WCS for little time, you haven´t competed yet or perhaps in some local event.

  • Novice – You dance for several years, you have competed already in Newcomer or Novice division in an international event.

  • Intermediate – You have at least 16 WSDC Novice points