Miguel Ortega

In 2006 Miguel discovered he can actually dance. He started by training as a ballroom dancer and he later on switched to latin dances (cuban salsa, portorican salsa on 1/on 2, bachata). He joined an amateur salsa group and continued improving his skills by participating in numerous international congresses.

Eventually he got irreversibly infected by the West Coast Swing virus. Miguel particularly enjoys the musicality, the creativity and the social nature of this modern dance that he is still very much in love with.

Miguel is always up for new challenges. He joined the All Star Division of West Coast Swing dancers and he won the 4 th place with a Classic routine at the French Open when he danced together with Emmeline Rochefeuille. All these experiences made him improve his skills and become a better dancer. Travels whenever he can to learn more, judge, teach and share his passion for WCS. In 2018 he embarks on a new challenge with Angelique Pernotte and with their spectacular choreography they not only win the French Open 2018 but also win the 2nd place in the Rising Star category at the US Open Championships 2018.