Ardena Gojani

Ardena comes from the United States, where she danced as a professional ballroom dancer and received an education in psychology, leadership development and personal fitness training. She later moved to Norway where she completed a master degree education in International Development in parallel to running her business Argo Dance & Fitness. She has helped to fuel the growth of the WCS community in Norway by regularly teaching and consistently bringing International WCS professionals to Scandinavia for intensive dance training workshops. One of her most popular events is the Winter White West Coast Swing WWWCS, a yearly World Swing Dance Council Registry event that takes place in the Oslo region.

Ardena believes that dancing allows all individuals to grow mentally, physically and spiritually.  She strives to show the world that we can all “enhance through dance”.

Ardena now teaches regularly in Ås and Oslo and continues to organise weekend workshops with international instructors to come to teach in Norway to keep the inspiration and the continues growth of WCS. As a teacher she is travelling to international events to share her passion and she competes regularly in All Star division with excellent results.