Angélique Pernotte

Angie started dancing modern jazz and classical when she was only 4 years old. Very soon afterwards she got interested in couples dancing. She started with acrobatic rock and roll and did competitions for 3 years.

She discovered West Coast Swing in 2010. She particularly enjoys the fluidity, the smoothness and the technique of this dance. Angie started competing in Europe and joined the All Star division of WCS dancers in 2017. She won several first prizes in different international events with a Classic routine as well. In 2018 she embarks on a new challenge with Miguel Ortega and with their spectacular choreography they not only win the French Open 2018 but also win the 2nd place in the Rising Star category at the US Open Championships 2018.

Today she is teaching in two dance schools in Lyon, France. She gives lady styling classes and aims to further develop this wonderful dance.